Skills Planning System

Human resources are recognized by senior management to be the one of the most critical assets any company possesses.

While there are a multitude of software products to track finances, inventories, sales, shipping and just about every other business process, traditionally there has been a dearth of software products to track and manage the most important of business assets: employee skills. The need to provide senior and line level managers the ability to easily, and non-threateningly, track employee skills, and knowledge, is the value of the Skills Planning System.

For any business, large, medium or small, who needs a better understanding of the skills their people bring to the table, the Skills Planning System is the answer.

Who does this benefit?

Any Manager who needs an employee skills inventory to get a better understanding of the skill resources their people have.

  • Capture skills of Employees, Contractors and Others in a skills database.
  • Search for certain skill sets when a need for them arises.
  • Track employees planned work on projects to determine if you have sufficient resources available, and to help plan for budgeting purposes
  • Track actual work on projects to monitor expenditures, and provide accurate actual cost of work information.
  • Quickly view user availablity to better plan resource allocation.
  • Run a variety of powerful dynamic reports to view employee skill and schedule information.


  • Are Your Most Important Asset.
  • Differentiate You from Your Competition.
  • Have a great variety of Skills.