Corporate Directory (CD)

Companies have a vast array of resources at their disposal.  Unforunately, too often large companies have knowledge in one location, useful to all, but only known by a few.

This often results in people asking the same questions over and over again, having to contacts others, taking hours, days or even weeks just to find information that should be readily available.

Worse yet, sometimes a process or tool exists, and is being used by one area of the business, and another area of business is not aware of the tool, they re-create it resulting in wasted time and money.

For example, a person may have a simple need to mail a document to a customer.  A quick search would pull up a link to the company procedure to do this, without wasting time having to go around asking people how it is done.  The answer is right there at the end of a search.

Who does this benefit?

Any company that wants to share information among its people.

  • Capture skills of Employees, Contractors and Others in a skills database.
  • Allow poeple to enter "Tags" with information on a subject they know about, and would like to share with others as needed.
  • View non-personal employee information to allow people  to work with others quickly and easily to share knowledge.


  • Is what keeps your business running.
  • Needs to be shared, not siloed.