Access Verification System (AVS)

Application access and security is considered by many to be one of the most important aspects of any companies information technology strategy.

While there are a number of software products to track the technical aspects of who, what,when a resource was accessed, these are mostly "after the fact" systems.   In order to best protect company resources, AVS is designed to help you monitor, report on, and audit who is granted access to what systems, and to regularly audit this information.

Too often people are granted access to company systems, and when they change jobs or responsibilites, they keep access that they should no longer have.  In order to proactivly protect your assests AVS montiors the who, what and when of access being granted, and even more importantly, requires personal to regularly monitor that access is correct.

For any business, large, medium or small, who needs to protect their resources, the Access Verification System.

Who does this benefit?

Any Company which needs to monitor, and audit trail, access to their resources.

  • Capture systems to montior in a simple to use system.
  • Regularly monitor access to resources.
  • Produce alerts when access has not been reviewed at regular intervals.


  • Are Your Companies most importants tools.
  • Need to be monitored to ensure unauthorized access is prevented.